I was born in Battle Creek, Michigan and mostly lived within 30 miles of there for the next 18 years. I grew up hiking, camping, skiing (both water skiing and snow skiing), reading, and working on farms to earn extra money. Coming from such a rural background, it was quite the culture shock when I joined the US Army.

While in the Army, I volunteered for many jobs. My experiences ranged from being an administrative specialist, a mail clerk, a guard at an army jail, terrorist suppression team member, and tear gas demo dummy.

At the end of my enlistment I took 45 days terminal leave from the Army and moved to Florida. By the end of the 45 days, I had secured the contract to run the convenience store/bait store in the middle of a campground across the street from the ocean. For a few years, my life revolved around campfires and cast reels.

In the mid 80s, I got my real estate license and entered the sales arena. That is where I went from working on a farm to farming my own neighborhood. I eventually moved into selling new construction. I was fortunate to sell out a subdivision and took a couple years off.

I bought a convertible to crisscross Florida, spent time in the Bahamas, climbed pyramids in Mexico, and got my advanced open water SCUBA certification in the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, I hadn’t yet set up a residual income stream so eventually; I had to go back to work.

Through an unexpected chain of events, I built a computer consulting company and spent the next decade either elbow deep in computer guts or lecturing in front of meeting rooms helping people learn how to use their technology.

Over the years I have dabbled with various other ventures and am finally fusing my love for technology with my passion for entrepreneurship.

I’ve been called a nerd, a jock, a bookworm, a showoff, an entrepreneur, and a best friend.

My friends just call me Loren.

Contact me at loren@sailsofthought.com